Ask Your Illinois Legislators to Exempt Breast Pumps and Supplies from State Sales Tax

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Ask your Illinois State legislators to support HB4234 (Hernandez) and SB3634 (Villaneuva) and join as co-sponsors. This legislation would exempt breast pumps and supplies from state sales tax.

In Illinois and most other states, mothers that pump are required to pay sales tax when they buy their equipment, while the state appropriately exempts infant formula. States should offer full sales tax exemptions for breast pumps and supplies to ensure tax parity between formula and breastfeeding supplies. Moms shouldn't have to pay the government to feed their babies, no matter how they choose to do it.

Eliminating  this  tax  is  one  step  states  can  take  to  improve  access  to  breastfeeding  for  women  of  all  socioeconomic  statuses. Providing a tax exemption for pumps and supplies is both simple and cost-effective.

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