Ask Your Senators to Help Secure Relief for Non-Bid Areas & Address O2 Double Dip

Help engage your Senators to work with Senator Thune in providing additional relief across non-bid areas and eliminating the outdated oxygen budget neutrality requirement. 

In January 2016, CMS began applying pricing derived from the highly populated Competitive Bidding Areas (CBAs) to all areas of the country without properly taking into account the increased cost of supplying DME items in non-bid areas, slashing pricing by upwards of 50%.  Further exacerbating the issue, CMS applied a budget neutrality “offset” to the 2017 rural fee schedules for stationery oxygen equipment.  These cuts intensified beneficiary access problems caused by Competitive Bidding.  Although temporary relief has been secured for rural areas, permanent, statutory relief is needed across all non-bid areas!

Senator John Thune (R—SD) is working on a Senate effort to provide for additional relief in non-competitive bidding areas, and we need your assistance in building support for this effort.

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